When Tinder announced that you could connect your Instagram account to your Tinder profile, I was honestly excited. Most users include their Instagram handles in their profiles anyways which honestly was a pet peeve of mine. I’m not on Tinder to follow more people on Instagram.

Also, I thought it would be good to have more photos on my profile.

Add a mix because I honestly keep my Facebook private so I don’t have a lot of photos. (Reminder: Tinder pulls photos from your FB profile). However, since connecting my Instagram account to my profile the following has happened:

  1. A guy that I never connected with but who can still see my feed followed me on Instagram. But then never swiped right on Tinder!
  2. A guy and I connected but never messaged me started following me or liked a photo. Odd, no?
  3. The latest is that we connected, we were messaging and then he followed me but didn’t discuss with me. It weirded me out a bit.
My Instagram is partially connected to my blog so there are fashion/beauty posts. It’s not necessarily a feed I’d expect a guy to follow unless we were dating. Yet I started noticing random dudes following or liking photos (aka “ghost followers”).

I clicked over and thought “hey they looked familiar” but never really put it together.

That was until this weekend when the guy I was chatting with followed me. He put his Instagram handle in his profile so I clicked and it was one of my new followers! We hadn’t spoken about following each other and then I started realizing that these new dudes following me were from Tinder. GAH! I disconnected my Instagram feed because I realized guys could find a lot about me through it and not necessarily sure I want random Tinder guys knowing all that much about me.

How do you feel about a guy finding your Instagram feed from Tinder? Am I just being old-fashioned?


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Kimberlee blogs about her love of fashion and beauty at I Have A Degree In This!. She’s lived in Midtown Manhattan for 8 years and has tried it all when it comes to dating.