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Tinder lends itself to browsing. Users know you’ve looked at their profile only if you match. Unlike dating sites which have public browsing (awkward), I made the mistake of logging into my profiles a few days before Valentine’s Day this year and I got SO many messages.


Tinder is a location-based app, so your matches will be based on the location settings you set along with those who have logged in within a certain time frame. You can browse photos in a never-ending stream (although that is changing with the Tinder Plus settings), so you’re not hindered by the usual “prime time” dating sites follow.

Depending on what you’re looking for, here are the 3 best times to log into Tinder:

  1. Don’t want a booty call? Avoid logging in after 10pm. Anytime I’ve logged in after 10pm the conversations have gone into inappropriate territory. Even if I didn’t and matched with someone, sometimes I’d get messages at 1am looking to hook up. GO AWAY! I also apply this rule to texting. I think a guy texting after certain hours is only looking for one thing (of course, there are exceptions).
  2. Weekends have been the most successful for me. Most people are sitting around on their couches or their part-time jobs looking for some entertainment. The longest conversations I’ve had on the app were on Saturday afternoons. The guy I gave my number to was after a 3 hour conversation on a Saturday afternoon. Although, keep in mind, most people are looking to take the conversation off of Tinder.
  3. Want to meet right away? Anytime works. I’ve found if I logged in during the work week, guys were looking to immediately meet up that day even if it was 5pm. “Let’s get a meal now” Um, no. I personally don’t move that fast but if you’re down to meet that day then you can use the app at all times.
When have you been successful navigating Tinder?


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photo: Viktor Hanacek