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Last week’s “New Girl” resonated with me SO much that I knew I had to discuss it for Dating Girl. Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, is trying to get back into the dating game but is having a hard time. She sees her roommate, Schmidt, doing really well with a dating app called “Dice” (made up for the show) and enlists his help.


At first, Jess tries to go at it alone. She sets up her profile using her own lingo lol, which is a mistake. I honestly can’t keep up with all the abbreviations myself. Kids these days! The scene cuts to her in a creepy basement. “Schmidt, I Diced. Can you pick me up?”. This is everyone’s fear of meeting someone off-line in one vivid image (and honestly I related to that bit a little too much myself). Schmidt reluctantly agrees to help her after seeing her fail miserably.

Dating Girl Tip: Never go it alone!


For all the single ladies unsure about the dating app world, I highly recommend watching Schmidt’s ‘lesson’. Yes, it’s for comedy. Yes, it’s fictionalized. But there was so much truth! It’s a numbers game. Swipe left, swipe right is all about instincts. It’s not based on anything tangible. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, if you’re looking for casual hook-ups or possibly just grabbing drinks with someone then the plethora of apps available to you are beneficial.

But for a girl like me and Jess who are looking for a meaningful connection with a potential mate, what do we do?


Where do we go? The fact is, for me, only non-committal men are using these apps to find hook-ups. From Tinder to Hinge. The name changes, but the bottom line remains the same.

Where have you been successful meeting a great guy?


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