Dear MG,

I recently ended a 10 year relationship. After our break-up, my ex immediately moved in with the woman he had cheated on me with. I know for a fact that he is seeing/sleeping with other women (our town is small). While I could care less about his current girlfriend, I want to warn other women who may be duped into thinking he is an honest man by listing him on a cheating website. My friends think it’s a good idea, but my family thinks I’m going too far. What do you think?

I feel your frustration, doll. A few years ago, I met a girlfriend for a catch-up sesh at her fiance’s posh Park Avenue apartment. Her life seemed fabulush x 100. She poured us some wine and then dropped a bombshell

Before her fiance went away on a “business trip”, he came clean with her about having an affair with a much younger woman in Europe (of course, where he frequented for business). He made a deposit into her account to “help her move on” and wanted her out of his apartment before he came back from his trip. Nice guy, right?

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She later googled his name and found out he was listed on a cheaters website with over a dozen women reporting his infidelities. She was floored. I remembered her telling me “Amy, make sure you google the guys you date”…(p.s – I never did).

While what your ex did exemplified supreme douchery, he’s not part of your life anymore (thank goodness). I know it might seem worthwhile to report your ex on his cheating ways, but sometimes the best way of moving forward is to move on and up.

P.S. – About that current girlfriend he moved in with…one word – KARMA.

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