You only need a few key items to keep your personal style summer chic. When traveling, it’s best to narrow down your checklist and bring only the items you’ll really put to use. Check out MG’s 5 fabulush beach essentials below…

  1. Ombre Caftan. Nothing shouts preppy glam on the beach like a this sheer caftan. A classic piece but in this version, it offers a hint of sultryness.
  2. Huge Sun Hat. Look uber chic with this larger-than-life sun hat that protects your face from those strong summer rays.
  3. Facial Sunscreen. Not all sunscreens are built the same. Sunscreen formulas like this one are specifically made for your face, have a higher SPF (MG uses 50+) and a smoother formula meant to feel like a moisturizer. At MG, we wear facial sunscreen EVERYDAY, so add this to your sunscreen collection.
  4. Beach Necklace. The only jewelry I wear (besides my engagement ring) is a beach necklace. What is a beach necklace? It’s a lightweight, bright colored ginormous piece like this,  that will totes complete your summer wardy.
  5. Monogrammed Beach Tote. Whether you’re single or married, every Hamptons Girl needs a monogrammed tote like this. Monogrammed anything is fabulush, so why not start your collection with a summer bag? Adore.

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