My fav date night hairstyle is a long, wavy and uber voluminous mane.  But, the summer weather can totes take the fabulush out of your go-to hair look. Since you dahlings asked for summer hairstyles perfect for a first date, I’ve put together 3 looks that are easy, flattering and totes second-date worthy…

  1. Flirty Mini-Braids. Mini braids are great for those summer days when you want to wear your hair down.  Since summer heat can cause dryness, randomly placed mini braids (just a few closer to the crown) will help tame that summer frizz.
  2. Sultry Side Pony. This style is classic, sleek and will make even the most unruly hair look fabulushly put together. Make sure you have a proper side part that brings out your highlights, pull the pony low (and towards your least fav profile side, trust MG) then lightly tease the back of your crown.
  3. Kitten Updo. Definitely a siren look, pull your hair back into a low, relaxed bun. Lift the hair from the top of your crown to give some volume & spray with light control hairspray for hold. I adore this style bc its the perf summer ‘bed-hair’ look.

Dahlings, for more date night ideas check out Midtown Girl on pinterest. 



images: besthairstyles2013, myperfectline, woohair