Dear MG, 

I was just accepted to Columbia University, and I am super excited to be coming to NYC this fall! Do you have any tips for living in NYC or prepping myself for the stay? Thanks so much!

First, congrats on getting into Columbia doll, how awesome! Second, I definitely have tips for living in NYC. I went to NYU for undergrad so I totes know what it’s like to be in a fabulush city on a college girl budget…

Tips For Living In NYC

1. Get to know your neighborhood. Every neighborhood in Manhattan has its own personality. The best way to find out those hidden food & shopping gems is to walk through the streets and find your own fav go-to spots. Since there are so many great neighborhoods in NYC, plan your trips. Spend free weekends in a different location in the city. This way, you will always have a great spot to go to anywhere in the city.

2. Take the bus. While the subway system in NYC is the preferred way to travel (for convenience, speed & value), the bus will offer you something the subway can’t – sightseeing. My fav bus rides are the Madison Avenue/Fifth Avenue buses (M1, M2, M3 or M4). On a cold winter day or sultry summer eve, the Mad/5th ave buses will take you up & down two of the most stunning streets in Manhattan.

3. You don’t have to spend a fortune enjoying the city. Grab a coffee & baguette from the Todd English Food hall in The Plaza, your fav reading material and sit on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s such an iconic New York Spot with fantastic people watching.

4. Go to brunch instead of dinner. As a foodie, the restaurant scene in Manhattan is one of the best in the world. But going out to dinner multiple times a week is super expensive. Brunch is a great way to enjoy your fav resty’s without going over your budget. Many resty’s offer a delish brunch menu at prix-fixe prices (lots of them have unlimited coffee & juice as well). So grab your new besties and make some brunch reservations stat!

5. Shop at designer discount stores to furnish your apartment, dorm & closet. While I am a fan of fabulush decor, it just feels amaze x 100 to get a good deal. Espesh when you are on a budget, a great place to shop for apt/dorm decor is at NYC’s huge designer discount stores. My fav spots are Century 21 (for wardrobe) & Home Goods (for home decor). These spots are perf for you since they  are both located in the Upper West Side. I also like Burlington Coat factory for home decor buys as well. Even though these are major retail chains, the inventory at the NYC locations differs from other states. I have found some gorg items at super affordable prices.

Dahlings, feel free to email me your Ask MG questions or leave them in the comments below. <3



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