Dahlings, I was honored x 100 to be the Fashion Stylist to Diet Coke’s “Show Your Heart” contest winner! Super cool Adrian of snappylifestyle.com won the contest with his artistic photos (be sure to check out his site, lots of great international street style pics featured). Since Adrian’s personal style is influenced by retro looks, I took Adrian shopping in Manhattan at one of the largest vintage clothing stores in the East Coast – Cheap Jack’s. 

After browsing through their amaze selection of denim, military & leather jackets, Adrian set his eyes on 2 hats from the 60’s & 70’s eras that totes fit his style. We had such a fabulush time shopping in NYC, check out what we bought in the vid above!

My lovelies, please let me know your thoughts on my NYC shopping vid, I would love to know!!!

Fashion Stylist kissies,

This video was sponsored by Diet Coke, as part of the grand prize for their “Show Your Heart” Contest.