Because a city girl can never own too many gloves right???

A darling reader emailed me asking “what type of gloves should I have when I visit NYC in the winter?”. Since gloves make an uber chic statement, can be worn with or without outerwear & are easy to pack, here are 5 gloves that will be your go-to accessories for winter in NYC…

1. Leather long gloves go PERF with camel cape & swing coats ( I just bought a pair  this weekend!).

2. Cashmere gloves are a timeless accessory and go with everything in your wardy. 

3. Smart gloves are excellent for those uber cold days when you’re google mapping your next event location and don’t want to freeze your manicured fingers off. 

4. Driving gloves are essential for a fashionista Girl’s Night Out.

5. Lace gloves go gorgeously with a black shift dress for a fabulush Date Night.

Dahlings, have you updated your glove wardrobe this season???