Sooo…this year MG is in charge of making Thanksgiving dinner! Since this will be the 1st time I am playing Thanksgiving hostess and guests are asking me what to bring, I thought I would share with you dahlings some gift ideas perf for your holiday hostess…

1. Floral Arrangement – Flowers prepared in a vase (not just a bouquet) are ideal bc it’s table ready ( & less work for me, yay!).

2. Pretty Place Cards – It’s dinner, so everyone has a place at the table. Blank festive cards are super adorbs and individualizes each table setting for the most important people in your life.

3. Mini Champagne Bottles – Since wine is a staple in my apt, mini (split) champagne bottles are a great gift for that post-Thanksgiving celebration.

4. Serving Dish – I have a feeling I will be using every dish avail, so anything pretty & deep dish is a great addition to the table.

5. Dessert – No need to bring food, that’s the hostess’ call-of-duty. Dessert, however, is always welcome in any form.

6. Holiday Streaming Music Mix – I love mixes! Use spotify, pandora, grooveshark or any online music stream you prefer. Why not bring your own tablet to play it on too? Mixes make the holiday spirit come alive and when someone else does the mix, it means more time for you to make that delish Thanksgiving dinner. <3

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Dahlings, what would you bring for your holiday hostess???