Sometimes I wonder why I’m so lucky to have such a fabulush life. But then I think, don’t good people deserve good things (just like all of you dahlings)? So, I’ll just stick with that reason for now –

Anywho, this weekend was spent with GB. We attended a downtown hip party for Rawthentix, loving filled with hair gurus, village artsy types & glam-kids. It was the first event that I had invited GB to since I never invite bf’s or dates to my events b/c, well, it’s usually better to keep personal & biz lives separate. Right? Right. Plus, I never talk about MG to my dates since I never how know how long we’ll be dating for, so why discuss my brand & biz if we are together momentarily?


Since GB & I are offish bf & gf, I was totes ready to share with him the deets on MG. And I was super excited to do so EXCEPT…he already found out about it from a friend who showed him some MG style pics while we were out one day having cocktails.

For Fucks Sake.

Whatevz. Besides he was going to eventually find out anyways, right? This is who I am, so either love it or leave it, dammit! Ok, back to this weekend – we had a fab time at the party and the next day we decided to walk to Bryant Park to check out their holiday shops AND…to buy our 1st Christmas Ornament.

Ya. I Said It.

It was orig my idea (I mentioned doing this a week or so ago bc my mini @MidtownPups ornament needed company), but he reminded me about getting it and so we did!!! We went into the “Christmas in NY” shop and searched around until we picked the one that would totes fit both our tastes, “New York 2010”. Check it dolls:

So this offish marks our 1st Xmas together. After we bought it, we went searching for chocolate croissants and GB says to me…

GB: I think if you or I went into the store by ourselves we would have chosen the same ornament.

Me: You think so?

GB: Yup.


As we walked out of Bryant Park, GB says to me…

GB: My mom & dad did the same thing. They bought an ornament for their first holiday together.

Me: Omygosh, REALLY? That’s so crazy awesome. And super romantic.

And super special…right my dahlings?


p.s. Do you dolls adore my mini pom ornament (purchased from Neiman Marcus 3 yrs ago). Yes, I am that OBSESSED with my Dolce <3