So Team MG interrogated (kidding) the cafe crowd at Starbucks on 42nd b/w lex & 3rd, to find out some interesting fibs told to parents while engaging in their first relationship…

Top Ten Lies you’ve told your parents while dating your 1st BF:

10. I’m going over to Jessica’s house. Her mom is making pancakes for dinner and you know how much I love pancakes.

9.  I have to see Todd tonight. He’s thinking about joining the army and today may be his last day in the country.

8. I was out with my friends in the mall but their mom’s wouldn’t drive me home so I called Seth to pick me up. Wasn’t that nice of him?

7. You said I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend but you didn’t say I couldn’t have boys as friends. Duh.

6. The only person in our class that is good at pre-cal is Josh. Can he come over to help me before our test tom?

5. There won’t be any guys at the party.  I promise.

4. I would never invite John over while you guys are away on vacation. Besides, I have midterms all week & have to study.

3. He’s not that much  older than me. I’m not even into older guys.

2. Can I use the car? I need to get some (insert any feminine product here) at the store. I should be back in an hour.

1.  No mom, Kennedy is a girl’s name.

Dahlings – what are some fibs you’ve told your parents in the past???