Sooo…I had lunch with a gf the other night and she asked me if she could borrow my CL Cabaret pumps for a dinner party this weekend…

GF: “Your cab’s would go perfectly with the dress I picked out for my dinner party.

ME: “Oh, the CL’s? I sold those a month ago.”

GF: “You did what?? What type of crazy are you on?”

ME: “No, seriously, I did. I bought them a year ago and had never worn them. Plus they were a half size too large.”

GF: “So why did you buy them, if they didn’t fit?“

ME: “They had a T strap, so I figured it would be fine. AND they were HALF OFF.” (I know, shush it!)

GF: “Dammit! I loved those shoes. I would have bought them from you had I known you were selling them. Why didn’t you tell me?”

ME: Hmph. That’s a damn good question! I have no idea…

Loubie Cabaret Pumps – NIB…SOLD!

Question: how long do you guys usually wait before selling/giving away unworn clothing/accessories?

Help me feel better…please?