Sooo – I took a trip to see mom the other day & had to call a car to take me there. Just so happened that I ended up with a driver I had a few months back…

ME: “Hey, I remember you! How is everything?”
Driver: “Hi! Great, everything is good.”
ME: “How is the wife? And kids, right?”
Driver: “They’re doing well, even in these tough times. What about you?”
ME: “Pretty good, just visiting mom again!”
Driver: “By yourself, huh? You’re not married?”
ME: “No. I’m still working on getting a boyfriend.” how sad!
Driver: “You’re so cute, you’re not seeing anyone?”
ME: “Well, yes I was seeing someone for almost 2 months and it just ended recently.”
Driver: “What happened?”
ME: “Well, I basically asked him what he was looking for from me, bc I’m not interested in ‘casual’ dating. I thought we were on the same page bc we spoke about what each of us was looking for. But when things changed and he stopped calling as much and contacting me as often as he would before, I wanted to know what was going on exactly. So, I figured, instead of dragging this non-exisitant dateship any longer, I’m just gonna ask him what the deal was.”
Driver: “How long were you guys seeing each other before you asked him this?”
ME: “About 7 weeks.”
Driver: “Wow, that’s so soon!”

It is? Oh, yea…maybe I should have waited 6 months and then see what was up? Uhm, F-that!

ME: “Well, he wasnt giving me attention. I’m not interested in pursuing someone who isn’t giving me the same time I would give them.”
Driver: “Whenever my wife is chasing me I start to pull away. But then when she doesn’t give me attention, I’m like ‘babe what’s going on’.” and telling me this is supposed to help me how? WTF.

ME: “Well, I dont need tons of attention, I’m talking about regular basic stuff like making plans to meet up on a consistant basis – like once a week, that’s not pyscho.” pffft.
Driver: “Guys are so simple. We don’t want much. We want sex. And when a woman closes her legs then we will run after them.”

Gah-ross, he seriously said this to me! I was in shock, uhm tooo much info cabbie guy, no thanks!

ME: “It’s not even that. I should have realized something was up with him when I asked him about the last chick he dated. She was a few yrs older than him and had a kid. I told him ‘that was great that he was open-minded’ and he says ‘actually it’s not that I was, I just never dated someone who had a kid, so I figured why not give it a shot’. So I ask him, ‘ok, well how long did you guys date then?’ He says ‘about 2 1/2 months’. 2 1/2 months?? What the hell took soo long to figure out that he didn’t want to see this woman anymore. So he was ‘testing out the waters’ or something. See what I mean? If I didn’t call him out on his acting non-chalant, he would have done the same to me!”
Driver: “Yea it sounds like he doesn’t know what he is looking for.”

Exactly. Like flavor of the month. Ugh – I’m still irritated by douchy SF. I’m sure I won’t pay any mind after I start dating someone new, but right now, I’m still annoyed by his B.S. FF!

SF was 33 and single for over 3 years – at this point, shouldn’t you know what you want and if you don’t want anything serious bc “you’re too busy and don’t have time”, then be honest & upfront about it before I have to ask you – hello! Games do not go over well with me.

Driver: “Well, I still don’t understand why you’re single. You’re too cute!” says cabbie before I give him his tip…what a pro!

Ok, so no more talk of SF. I just had to add this cabbie convo since him saying “guys are simple” brought back fond blog comment memories and “Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man” excerpts ;->

p.s. Tonight’s SATC rerun was the one where Miranda gorged on chocolate cake bc she decided to take a hiatus from dating. Chocolate ganache cupcakes – here I come! LOL.