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Kitchenista Anyone?

Apr 1st 2010 1 Comment

source I saw the word “Kitchenista” on a recentĀ headline and had to further investigate (seriously, anything with an “ista” at the end of it will get my attention). Continue Reading »

Apartment City: How Small is Too Small?

Dec 14th 2009 27 Comments

source Wow. Ok…when I read this article on early this morning, I could not BELIEVE the things peeps would sacrifice in order to live in Manhattan. It’s unreal. And Continue Reading »

Solo Living in the City…

Nov 4th 2009 25 Comments

I recently read this NY Post article & wanted to share it with you dahlings… source Poll: Half of Manhattan residents live alone By CHUCK BENNETT – Last Updated: 10:31 Continue Reading »

Current Stat: Lease RENEWAL & the City…

Oct 26th 2009 22 Comments

Ok… So, remember my original lease post I did a few months ago? Well, I finally renegotiated my lease & I was able to keep my current rent – with Continue Reading »

Current Stat: Lease & the City

Aug 13th 2009 29 Comments

Sooo – in November, my 3rd 2-yr lease agreement will expire and I’m still deliberating what to do. I absolutely LOVE my apt and have been in the same Midtown Continue Reading »

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