MG Closet

MG Closet: The Year in Pink

Nov 23rd 2009 28 Comments

For some reason, last year I was PINK- OBSESSED. Or was it the year before…oooh I can’t remember anymore. All I know is that I wanted to add a dash Continue Reading »

A Sweet Pre-Winter Outy…Plus: Dream Sequins & Boyy Bag Event!

Nov 17th 2009 17 Comments

Yay!! So back in September when I did a complete closet re-haul, I put aside everything I haven’t worn to figure out what to & what not to keep (so Continue Reading »

Closet Shopped: Wrong Size & Never Worn!

Nov 3rd 2009 27 Comments

~This week’s SIMC post will be postponed until next Wednesday due to technical issues…No tears please – SIMC will be back next week for shiz!~ Ok, speaking of SHOES…I attacked Continue Reading »

Closet Shopped & Sold: Surviving Seller’s Remorse…

Aug 17th 2009 21 Comments

Damn. Sooo…I had lunch with a gf the other night and she asked me if she could borrow my CL Cabaret pumps for a dinner party this weekend… GF: “Your Continue Reading »

Closet Shopping: What to wear with please?

Aug 10th 2009 18 Comments

My Bloggy Fashion Lovelies… So I went closet shopping again, since its waaay more cost-effective than the real deal (although not as exhilarating, but whatevz!) and found these: Loubie Tie-Back Continue Reading »

Closet Shopping: Just found these, what to wear with please?

Jul 1st 2009 11 Comments

I love my LBD’s but they don’t really go with these gorg Valentino Layered Bow Pumps. Just found them when I went ‘closet shopping‘. Any suggestions with what to pair Continue Reading »