La Maison du Chocolat Easter Collection 2017

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La Maison Du Chocolat is a luxury chocolatier with locations in both NYC & Paris. For Easter 2017, Chef Nicolas Cloiseau has crafted the perfect pastoral collection of limited-edition, hand-crafted chocolates for Easter 2017. Gourmet renditions of traditional chocolate figurines are reinvented, as the collection features Mister Sheep, Mademoiselle Feather, Monsieur Bunny, and Miss Cow. These characters are expressive and intricately designed. Nicolas Cloiseau has crafted a scene that could be straight from a child’s imagination, making this collection of chocolate the prefect gift for any creative chocolate lover this Easter holiday, (see below).





Managing Director, Geoffroy d’Anglejan-Chatillon w. David Browne (Midtown Chap)

Perfect for gift giving, visit here for more details. 

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