5 New Year’s Eve Tips For My Single Girls

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This pic represents everything I do not want to experience on NYE. And trust me, I have been there (a few times, sigh).

NYE is almost here and if you’re like me, you’re figuring out which of your dresses is sequin-ey enough to wear, which pair of heels will survive a 5 hr eve of dancing & whether or not you should book a car this far in advance bc hailing a cab on NYE in NYC is…brutal.

Anywho, this eve I’ll be with my fav dahling Midtown Chap, BUT celebrating NYE for the year as a single girl (remember this fabulushly ridic NYE eve story), has made me think about what I would do differently if I were still single. Here’s what I came up with…

5 New Year’s Eve Tips For My Single Girls

1. Friends: Make sure you head out to a party with a girlfriend/gay hubs who is truly with you to celebrate a fabulush eve. The last person you want to spend a long, celebratory evening with is someone who is obsessed with finding a cute guy to talk to or is upset that he/she is still single on NYE.

2. Outfit: Dress like you would for a first date –  ever walk out of your apt and see a group of girls ready for a night out in the city dressed like it’s fleet week? No matter what the occasion is, dress to impress bc you never know who you might meet. 😉

3. Outerwear: Wear a gorgeous coat. I know this sounds obvious, but if you saw the nightmare that was #SantaCon, then you totes know what I mean. It’s cold outside. Wear a damn coat.

4. Cell Block: For the guys you have on your “call only when it’s an absolute emergency” list, trust me NYE is not “an emergency”. Change the names of these guys to numbers or letters bc who remembers phone numbers right? This way you’ll bypass that shitty morning after feeling of calling a loser after the clock struck 12.

5. Social Media Sanity: Sharing “Happy New Year’s” on twitter is sweet. Sharing “Looking forward to another year of shitty dates and douchebags” however, is not. After the 3rd (or 4th) glass of bubbly, take a break from the social media world and leave the updating of your fabulous resolutions for New Year’s Day.

Any tips that need to be added to this list? Please feel free to add in the comments below, my lovelies! <3

Former single girl kissies,

1 Comment on “5 New Year’s Eve Tips For My Single Girls”

  1. and ladies, please whatever you do, don’t get all pissy woe is me drunk.

    it’s so pathetic and besides, who really wants to start a new year out that way.

    have a few drinks, lots of laughs and more dancing than you can stand and be ready to rock the new year off right the next day!

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