Dating Girl: Why I Didn’t Renew My Match Membership

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by @KimberleeVDW

At the beginning of ‘Dating Girl’ I made the investment of a 6-month membership to As some of you may know, that’s where Amy met her lovely Midtown Chap. She also graciously helped me fill out my profile and pick photos. I’ve heard stories of people meeting great guys there so I figured the investment was in me and my potential future with someone.

However, I found myself disappointed and dateless at the end of 6 months.

They offered a special price to renew for another 6 months but it wasn’t worth it to me. For one, the pool of men was not what I was looking for. I live in a city of 8 million people yet most guys messaging me were out of state and seemed to be looking for a wife. Although I do want an older, more mature guy. I’m not looking to leave the city anytime soon (or ever) or start a family.

Also, as I’ve previously written about, the conversations didn’t move quickly. The weekends were the best times for messaging and I could have an exchange for a few hours. But then the whole week would go by and nothing. It’s really hard to build upon that and none of the guys asked for my number to take the conversation offline.

Perhaps I didn’t put in all the effort I could have to get the most out of my Match experience.

I only messaged one guy but no one really stood out that I wanted to talk to. I’ve honestly had better luck with Tinder… and it’s free. Tinder for better or worse has the largest pool of men. And at least on Tinder guys ask for your number and I can always have an exchange when I sign in. So for me, I’m going where the guys are and not spending money now. Maybe in the future when I’m in my mid ’30s, I’ll invest in a matchmaker.

So what about you…have you had luck with Match? Do you pay for online dating or stick to the free sites?

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Kimberlee blogs about her love of fashion and beauty at I Have A Degree In This!. She’s lived in Midtown Manhattan for 8 years and has tried it all when it comes to dating.

2 Comments on “Dating Girl: Why I Didn’t Renew My Match Membership”

  1. I tried match a few years ago. I had a handful of dates but nothing serious. I noticed that I would read great profiles and then look at the man’s preferences, many would prefer to date any race but black. As a black woman that was hurtful. So, I realized that for me in Georgia that match didn’t have my pool of men.

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