MG Wedding: I Found My Gown <3

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Midtown Girl by Amy Chandra - MG Wedding Dress

FIVE years ago, I wrote this post on a Sunday night while watching a marathon of wedding reality shows.  In all honesty, I’ve never been one of those bridal-obsessed girls who dreamed of her wedding day. It’s not because getting married wasn’t important to me, I was just that New York woman obsessed with her career and making a mark in this incredible city. 

And then, Midtown Chap proposed to me on the steps of the NYPL at Bryant Park. 

Not long after, my inbox was filled with bridal & wedding press releases showcasing the latest and greatest in the bridal world. I actually had no idea what type of gown I wanted, so I was uber excited to sort though the gorgeous gown pics. While I had written about Marchesa dresses back in that 5-year-old post,

the idea of spending close to 10k for a gown totes felt #notfabulush. 

So last October, someone sent me pics of the Spring/Summer ’14 Truly by Zac Posen collection from David’s Bridal. I saw one dress that I knew was THE ONE. The only prob was it wouldn’t be out until February 2014, which meant that I would REALLY have to be confident this was the dress since MG Wedding is in the Spring (yay, so excited!!). 

So I waited for five months.

Most bridal folks will tell you that this is incredibly insane to do but in all honesty, I wasn’t worried. I knew my mom wouldn’t be able to attend my bridal gown moment, so I asked my darling Gf if she would be there for me. Fast forward to Feb ’14 during a convo w. Gf over cocktails at the Park Avenue Tavern…

Me: “I still haven’t tried on dresses.”

Gf: “What? Amy, now you’re making ME nervous.”

Me: “I should make an appointment right? “

Gf: “Ah, YES.”

Me: “Ok, I’ll figure out a day/time and we can go together. P.S. – I hate my arms.”

The day of the appointment, I’m running late (of course). In my heart I didn’t want to reschedule, but I felt anxious about trying on dresses. I was nervous but excited at the same time. Gf texts me when she gets there (she’s on time, obvs) – “Here! OMG so excited!!”.

Her text totally inspires me. I text her that I am on my way.

Midtown Chap drops me off at the 6th Avenue store with a smile and “have fun babe, hope you find your dress”. I meet Gf inside and she is in full search mode for fabulush dresses. Her energy is contagious, and I’m now offish crazy excited to try on wedding gowns. The Truly by Zac Posen line is prominently featured in the store entrance and the collection is STUNNING. 

And then I see my gown.

And it’s gorgeous. I immediately tell the bridal consultant I want to try it on. Gf suggests I try on another dress, a blush colored gown from the Truly line. We head over to the dressing room and I’m wondering if I’m wearing the right under the dress essentials. Of course I’m not, so the bridal consultant wraps me in something that looks like this, providing clean lines & no under belly visual. I try on the blush dress first. I’m hoping Gf will be kind when she sees me walk out…

“You look beautiful!”

Her words are precious, but I know this is not THE dress. So I head back into the dressing room and finally try on the gown I’ve waited 5 months for. As soon as it’s on my body I know it is the dress, MY dress. I walk out in front of the floor length mirror and I offish have my bridal gown moment.

I found my gown, dahlings <3

I look over to Gf who has her phone out taking pictures of all angles of the dress (I didn’t even have to ask her, she just knew). While posing, a woman whose daughter is also trying on wedding dresses walks over to me and says “you look so beautiful, that dress was made for you”.

Amaze x 100. 

Gf asks me if I want to try on other dresses and I tell her this is it. She says “Yes, that’s your dress. You look absolutely stunning”. The bridal consultant then goes into their “you’ve found the dress” bell ringing ritual, asking me to make a wish. I make my wish, ring the bell & the whole store starts clapping (gf is filming this too). It was like a scene from a rom-com movie in the best way possible. 

We order the dress (last one in my size) and head outside to take a breath. As we catch up on this moment, the bridal attendant comes out and says “I wanted to make sure you didn’t forget this” and hands me the personalized bridal heart sticker which says “Congratulations Amy” along with #MGwedding date. 


Gf has to run to an event, so we make plans to follow-up with details since she is offish my bridesmaid. She jumps into a cab while I walk home on this chilly NYC eve to take in every second of this moment. I get a text from her a few moments later…

Gf: “You are one of the most beautiful brides ever. So excited for you and happy to be a part of this moment.”

Me: “Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and sister to me. I so adore you and will never forget this.”

The next day, Gf sends me a special gift.

She emails me the pics she had taken along with a personalized bridal video she made of my “I found the gown” moment. Complete with ceremony music & edited like a pro, I watched the vid over a dozen times with tears in my eyes. I will keep this forever…

Now that my dahlings, is priceless.

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Charlotte. You made this day incredibly special for me and a moment I will never forget. Thank you for being the amazing woman you are and I am beyond excited to have you be part of #MGWedding.


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