Dating Girl: NYC vs. LA

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Midtown Girl by Amy Chandra - Dating in NYC vs LA

 by @KimberleeVDW

I’ve had the luxury of dating in both Los Angeles and New York City. And just as you would expect, they were very different experiences. LA has a very laid back lifestyle which definitely plays out in the dating scene.

NYC is much faster paced where men openly admit 5 minutes into a date that they don’t feel a connection and bail. 

Not to continue the stereotypes, but in my experience LA men didn’t care if you had a brain. They are more concerned with your looks. Bravo just debuted a new show, “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male” where you could see the LA dating attire on full display (read: cleavage). In LA jeans are acceptable everywhere. Designer denim, a club top and black heels is the uniform of single women in Los Angeles.
However, in New York City, you would only wear that if you are going to a club with your girlfriends. My dating wardrobe is much different. I think New Yorkers put a little more effort into their wardrobe choices. There are some places that you just shouldn’t wear jeans, like to a Broadway play or 4 star restaurant.
Every New York woman needs a sophisticated yet sexy LBD for date nights.
I try to dress for the occasion. If we’re just grabbing coffee then yes, I’ll go casual with jeans but if it’s a fancy restaurant then I would pull out all the stops. 
Have you dated in another city? What was your experience?
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Kimberlee blogs about her love of fashion and beauty at I Have A Degree In This!. She’s lived in Midtown Manhattan for 8 years and has tried it all when it comes to dating.  

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