NYC Events: Midtown Pups And IAMS So Good! Launch

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At MG, we treat Midtown Pups like our child. So when we were invited to the IAMS event in Union Square for their So Good! food launch, we were totes excited. Featuring celebrity Master Chef Art Smith, the Midtown fam got the deets about what’s really in the leading adult dog food brands and how So Good! stands out from the rest. Check out more info below… 

Dolce is a natural in front of the camera!

Many leading adult dog food brands list artificial dyes, sugar and/or artificial preservatives in their ingredients. IAMS So Good! is made with 100% wholesome ingredients, giving your dog essential nutrition and great taste.

Midtown Chap, Midtown Pups & MG with Chef Art Smith

Made with chicken, veggies & fruit, it’s packed with protein & fiber, giving your adult dog the right balance needed for a healthy diet. Chef Art Smith says “feeding your dog wholesome foods, along with exercise, will help lead to a longer life”.

Which is everything we want for our darling Midtown Pups 😉 



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/IAMS.

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