MG Decor: Using Empty Picture Frames To Decorate Your Walls

Written by on Thursday, March 21st, 2013 with 0 comments

One of my fav ways to decorate is with picture frames. Currently I’m searching for gold colored, ornate frames to complete my office wall, but if I find a fabulush frame worth hanging, I usually get it. Decorating with empty picture frames is super easy, just remove the glass, hammer in a nail (or stud if the frame is heavy) and you’re done! My fav places to buy affordable & colorful picture frames is at home decor stores & Etsy. Etsy is great because they have many shops that sell multiple empty frames, so all you have to to is hang & enjoy!

MG Apartment decor tips: 

  • Plastic picture frames are cheap & easy to hang but often can not be painted bc of the material. So choose plastic in the color you prefer.
  • Buy ornate frames in bulk so that the decor scheme makes sense for the wall.
  • If you are mixing different frame sizes & shapes, stick with one color to make the wall scheme more visually appealing and less chaotic. 

For more decor inspiration, visit Midtown Girl Decor on pinterest.


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