Current Stat: I’m Engaged!!!!

Written by on Friday, December 7th, 2012 with 11 comments

 Midtown Chap: “Amy, will you marry me?”

Me: “Yes x FOREVER!!!”

My last Current Stat was exactly 2 years ago, when MC & I offish became a couple. Back then his moniker was ‘Gone Brogue’ (for obvious reasons) and I had written about our amaze 1st date (which will be in my book, coming out Summer 2013). Looking back almost 5 years ago, when I first started Midtown Girl, my intro was this…

 “Midtown Girl is a blog dedicated to all the single girls out there who are searching for ‘the one’…”

And, I finally found mine.

This post is dedicated to all of my amazing readers, awesome friends & wonderful family who have supported me from the beginning. I’m honored that you are in my life. And, I’m excited to share the next chapter of MG with all of you. HEART YOU FOREVZ!!!

Engagement kissies,

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