MG Travel Guide: 10 Things To Buy In Paris

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As a lover of all things fashion & decor, I wanted to make sure I bought things in Paris that would last a while and remind me of my fabulush first trip to Paris. From beauty to home decor to fashion, here are 10 things to buy in Paris…

1. Parisian Home Goods. I’m obsessed with everything home decor, so to add some Parisian chic to my NYC apt, I purchased place mats, bowls, tiny utensils & coasters. Now every time I enjoy a cup of espresso or have dinner, Paris is never that far away. Bowls & utensils can be purchased in any home goods store in Paris & the place mats/coasters can be found in souvenir gift shops. 


2. Epicurean Condiments. Parisians are known for their exquisite food palette, so why not bring some of their delish taste back to New York? My fav place to buy epicurean treats is at Hédiard, located on 21 Place de la Madeleine. Filled with jams, teas, coffees, mustards, etc, their packaging is just as divine as their products. 


3. Souvenirs. While walking by one of many tiny news stands, my eye caught this tiny Eiffel Tower souvenir. Perfectly sized for my pink desk, in Midtown Girl Magenta & at only 5 euros, I HAD to have it. It now sits on my desk and I absolutely adore it. 


4. Beauty Products. Thanks to the #parisbeauty2012 trip, I was introduced to Paris’ fantastic selection of luxe creams, lotions & makeup, all of which can be found pharmacies located on almost every other street corner. “Pharmacie” is their version of our CVS & Walgreens. I chose products that are only sold in Paris, since I wanted to bring home something special & extra fabulush. My fav products purchased:

  • Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil For Face, Body & Hair (I use dry oil everyday after showering, so I bought 4 bottles)
  • La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Eye Cream (thanks to Lianne for the suggestion!)
  • Femme De Fath Parfum

5. Gifts for the Boyfriend – Obvs,  I could not come home without getting anything for Midtown Chap! For him I purchased a super chic chocolate brown duffle, cashmere scarf & Vichy Homme Travel bag (from Pharmacie). I found each at various shops. The best way to shop for guys & to get the most out of your purchases is to buy things that can be worn/used on a daily basis. Am I the best gf or what?

6.  Chocolates – In all honesty, I am not a huge macaron fan (even though the best I’ve tasted were in Paris), so I stuck with classic chocolates. My fav shop for sweets is the gorgeous Fauchon store, located on 26 Place de la Madeleine. Filled with beautiful handmade chocolates, pick & choose your sweets and then have your custom selection gift wrapped.

7. Wine. Not to take home, but to drink while you’re there. Wine is too heavy to bring back IMO, so instead of forgoing the lovely French wine experience, I bought some for myself to enjoy while I was there. Rosé is the way, dahlings.

8. Purse Hook. This might seem random, but when you’re sitting in a popular cafe in Paris, there’s no where to keep your purse. So to avoid placing my precious accessory on the floor, I bought this super cute purse hook to hold my bag while I sipped on espresso during the day & rose in the eve.

9.  Souvenirs From Paris Landmark Gift Shops. Probably the best part of my trip was my visit to the Château de Versailles. Besides taking a million pics, I made sure to stop by the gift shop to pick up a few pretty & affordable trinkets to remind me of this fabulush experience. I purchased fleur-de-lis pencils, key chain & his/hers matching Versailles holiday ornaments. So this Christmas when we hang ornaments, Paris will be a part of our holiday celebration.

10.  Parisian Fashion. When I packed for Paris, I brought with me a Nanette Lepore Peacoat & Bebe Wool trench. The weather was colder than anticipated so I stopped by a random store and purchased this super cute latte puffer coat for only 35 euros! This coat totes saved me dolls. I also bought 2 pairs of Parisian flats, royal blue smoking slippers & multi colored driving shoes. Totes Parisian Preppy!

Hope this list helps you dahlings for your next trip to Paris. Are there any other things you would add to this list? Please share!


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