Ask MG: Why Are New York Guys So Cocky?

Sep 17th 2012 1 Comment


Dear Midtown Girl,

I moved to Manhattan last year from Chicago. I love the city & your blog aways has great ideas on where to go for first dates and girl’s brunches, thanks for all the recommendations. Since moving here I’ve been online dating and even though I do have a type, it seems like every guy I go on a date with is so arrogant.

Most of my dates sit there running down lists of where they went to college, their storied internships, their current “huge loft” in Tribeca/Financial District/West Village, and how they are vying for their next promotion. Some of them even ask me which designers I am into because they are into labels. Can I just tell you how many times I’ve heard “I work hard so I play hard” on a date? It’s disgusting. I don’t want to sit here and compare Chicago guys to New York men but this is getting ridiculous. Why are these guys so damn cocky?

First, let me ask you…is this your type:

  • Investment Banker/Finance Professional
  • 28-32
  • Taller than 5’10
  • Fit/Athletic
  • Dark hair
  • Lives in Manhattan

I’m going to assume that this is probs the type of guy you usually date. Thing is, this is pretty much the type that many NYC women want to /actually date. And…these guys totes know it!

It’s because of this, many of them have the “I can trade up” attitude and often act like you need to prove to them what makes you so special. In fact, this used to be my original “dream guy type” and although they looked great on paper/in person, they had attitudes to match (not all, but many of them).  

Patti Stanger (of Millionaire Matchmaker) said in this Daily News article, “Men in New York are more selfish these days. They want to hold on to their money and they’re in no rush to find a mate.” While this doesn’t hold true for every New York guy, it makes sense that this would happen in a city that has a higher ratio of single females to males.

There’s nothing wrong with dating this type, but you should def try dating other types. Keep your options open doll, you never know who you might meet 😉

P.S. The start-up tech scene is booming in NYC, check it out.

Dahlings, feel free to email me your Ask MG questions or leave them in the comments below. <3


One Comment to “Ask MG: Why Are New York Guys So Cocky?”

  1. JT says:

    cocky = insecure

    I’m reminded of Fight Club (the movie) because I want to yell to these guys, “You are NOT your f’n job!”

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