Date Night Movie Review: “Silent House”

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Husband & wife director team Chris Kentis & Laura Lau’s “Silent House” follows “Sarah” (played by Elizabeth Olsen) as she trys to help restore her family’s summer home with her father. In the process, Sarah gets trapped inside the house, her father goes missing & she becomes paranoid because she can’t find him. As she looks for him, something (or someone) is present in the house, causing Sarah to question what is real and what isn’t.
 Take a peek at the trailer here:


“Silent House” is unique in that no editing was done while filming since the film was shot in one continuous real time take.  This meant that the cast (and crew) had to go with the flow.  There are subtle breaks, such as when a door opens into the camera to give a ‘cut time’ during the movie, which enables the movie to be stitched together. Elizabeth had to mentally time her acting to pace the movie in order to give the planned movie time. 

“Silent House” will be released this Friday 3/9 just in time for Date Night!

 Dahlings, will you be seeing “Silent House” this weekend??



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