What To Wear On A Date: Tie-Neck Silk Blouse

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Trends can be tricky when it comes to incorporating them into your Date Night Outfit. Sometimes what we think looks fabulush, doesn’t always translate that way for the opposite sex. Trust me, I totes learned this the hard way.
So, every Monday MG will cover one ‘on-trend’ piece of the season and show you dahlings how to wear it on a dateThis week we are covering the Tie-Neck Silk  Blouse and the best way to wear one on your next date…
MG’s Tips For Wearing a Tie-Neck Silk Blouse on a Date:
1. Wear a print that is sultry, not confusing: a leopard print, like this one, is alluring & sexy. Stripes, flowers and other fashionista patterns scare the crap out of guys.

2. If your top is loose your bottom should be fitted: add a pair of fitted cropped trousers, ANYTHING leather, or a pleated mini skirt (guys love pleated minis, shocking…). If you can get your hands on a mini skirt that is both leather AND pleated – like the one below – you are date night golden & a second date is totes guaranteed, I promise.

3. Because the blouse doesn’t offer much skin  it’s ideal to wear your HIGHEST heels: remember that 40% rule I always refer to…? Bc this blouse covers most of your cleave (unfortch), you need to offset any hint of librarian by donning on your sexiest stilleto booties/otk boots/whatever makes your legs look long & skinny as hell.
P.S. – super cray-cray platforms or anything with spikes, will def have your date checking his cell for “work messages” (a.k.a. new online matches).
Vince Camuto Jenks Bootie
Dahlings, please look out for MG’s “What To Wear On A Date” video series coming in 2012!!!

Would you wear a Tie-Neck Silk Blouse on a Date?


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