TV Talk: Tyra Show’s “Science of Fashion”

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I caught a late episode of the Tyra Show the other day (I think TyTy has ended the show’s run..right?). I thought the topic of actually connecting scientific data to our fashion choices was quite an intriguing one – so much so, that  I insanely transcribed parts of the show for you lovelies…

“Science of Fashion”

What to wear to get noticed in a lounge/club (in a good way) – A red dress: men are 90%  more attracted to a women in  red dress bc it connotates power & confidence in a woman (the closest thing to red that I have in my wardy is a deep orange vintage shift & my orange suede Gucci Sunset platforms…oh well!). Makeup wise, men prefer clear gloss to red lipstick. As for the guys, they should wear blue bc it represents monogamy, stability & loyalty.

Outfit that gives the best impression on a job interview – A tailored black dress: it comes off a little less stuffy than a traditional suit to recruiters.

Best swimsuit to wear on the beach (to garner the right attention)A one piece (revealing only 40% of your body): most men like to feel there’s some ‘mystery’ behind the suit.

Best outfit on a first date – A  form-fitting dress in a color (obvs, I knew this one already!!!). ps – do not carry a big bag bc it sends off signs you have lots of emotional baggage); clutches are more appropriate.

Best way to show some skin at a wedding – Wear a backless dress & in a similar shade of the bridesmaid dresses to be appear more approachable & friendly.

Best thing to wear at a high school reunion to attract a guy – A plaid dress…(WTF?) bc it’s associated with a school uniform.

Best gym wear to get good attention at the gym – Wear a brightly colored top (to attract a guy’s gaze) & yoga pants.

Best outfit to wear when on a grocery store run – Jeans & a peach shirt since the color peach suggests a complimentary shade of your skin tone. (look, anything is better than the crazy lady wearing a long black puffer coat with flip-flops that I happened to see the other day @ Gristede’s…she looked dressed for a crack-run. shit.)

Best way to feel more attractive – Turn off the lights & light a candle. (wouldn’t it be hilarious if they just said ‘turn off the lights’…LOLzzzz)

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4 Comments on “TV Talk: Tyra Show’s “Science of Fashion””

  1. I do think Tyra’s show has ended its run. This is so cool. Thanks for sharing this with us. I had never thought about it before. I love that pic you posted.

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