Summer Date in the City: HBO Bryant Park Film Festival

Written by on Monday, July 5th, 2010 with 3 comments

What event let’s you spend a gorgeous evening in Midtown whilst watching an oldie but goodie film and costs…NADA??? Bryant Park’s HBO Summer Film Festival, thats what! And what better outfit to wear while watching a film with your cute boy in the lush park grass than this…

Summer Date Outfit – Silk Tee, Utility Shorts, Platform Espadrille Wedgies

Clockwise from bottom left: J.Crew Silk cord camiJ.Crew Buckle shortMiu Miu powder croc print leather platform Victoria’s Secret Modal TeeVictoria’s Secret Beach linen belted short, Spiegel Braided Metallic Sandal

BP’s HBO Summer Film Festival runs from June 21 -August 23, 2010. For more info click HERE!


p.s. – Look out for a new video series on MG – ‘Designer Date Night’…coming very soon dahlings!!!

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