Relieve Holiday Stress: Bad Girls Club – Shut the **** Up Remix.

Written by on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 with 12 comments
I am trying to catch my breath while I write this post.

Ok. So, last night was a new epi of Bad Girl’s Club Season 4. This show is pure insanity on every level: mentally, emotionally and last night – physically – not cool chickadees. One of the bad girl chicks got super angry and clobbered another roomie (the one who repeatedly tells everyone that she “Runs L.A.”, how does one exactly ‘run’ L.A.? please explain…).

Anywho, I was looking for a video to share with y’all, when I found one from Season 2. In this season, one of the more “well-known” BGC chicks to come off the show – Tanisha – is uber upset that the other roomies had come in late the night before, after a hard night of partying, thus leaving her with out a full night of beauty sleep.

She returns the favor by waking up the now hung-over roomies extra early and in an extra special way.

So special that someone even remixed the scene:

OK – how funny is the end, when she says: “Sorry Pans”. LOL!


p.s. – the “Single in My City” Series (SIMC), will be on holiday hiatus until the week of 1/5/10 AND

p.p.s – the Undercover Starlet winners will be announced tom! XOXO

12 Comments on “Relieve Holiday Stress: Bad Girls Club – Shut the **** Up Remix.”

  1. It is really funny! I'm wishing for you a stress-free, and happy holiday season, one in which you can truly enjoy the best of family and friends.

    Sincerely, Secretia

  2. I have to admit I have been known to be sucked into this show. I also am sucked into Tough Love (not as trashy, but very fun on VH1).

  3. I'll be honest I watch this show. Yea the chick that keeps telling everyone 'I run LA' is super annoying but don't you get kicked off the show for fighting?

  4. This is actually a show? On TV? Ohmigosh I'm dying!! And I fell off my chair. Laughing and liquid leggings do not mix!! 🙂

  5. This girl is seriously scary! I always feel for the lives of the other girls when this insane creature is on screen!! Funny remix though!!

    Great post (and i've dabbled in my shameful reality tv)!

    happy holidays! xox

  6. Bad Girls Club isn't aired in my part of the world, but the video was so funny, I'll have to make do' with clips on youtube.

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