"Single in My City": In the Valley with Ali!

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In this Wednesday’s SIMC epi, we have the Sweet as Pie:
Ali from The Way I See It,
on location in the Valley, CA!
Describe the ‘Dating Scene’ in your city:

Upon reading this out loud (yes, I do that sometimes), my sister said “horrible.” And while I wouldn’t necessarily go
that far, I will say that dating around these parts is really tough. You see, even if you live in the valley (which I do), you’ll still find yourself dating in LA since a) it’s the closest city and b) there’s not a tons of ways to meet people outside of it (cough cough, here, cough cough!). I find myself constantly frustrated after nights out – whether they be in bars, clubs, etc. – because the way I see it, your odds of finding a genuinely good guy are kinda slim. Which is a perfect segue to the next question.

Are you an Online Dater?

I never EVER thought I’d say this, but yes. I’ve just recently begun online dating and am not sure what to make of it just yet. As I mentioned before, I reached a point where I was just over the LA nightlife scene and was starting to become the dreaded C word: cynical. I refuse to be a Miranda Hobbs so here I am, attempting to navigate a different kind of dating world. Sigh…

Guys you Avoid like the PLAGUE:

Guys with no sense of humor are immediately out in my book. And I do mean out! That’s probably the first thing I look for in a guy. If they have no motivation, that’s a turn off for me as well. I’m not saying you have to know exactly what you want to do in life (hell, I’m sort of confused in that area!), but without any sort of determination, what do you have? And lastly, I won’t date a bro. You know, those guys that wear the high socks, own a motorbike and guzzle beer 24/7. I hate to sound close-minded, but I had a bad experience with one of those types and I can’t deal with it again!

Any Specific “Type” of Guy that runs rampant in your city?

I live in LA, so that’s a big fat Y-E-S! I’d call ‘em playboys. A playboy = a bimbo lovin’, one night standin’, frosted tips wearin’ guy (among other things). They’ve gotten smart though, and can be found disguised as a nice guy. Ladies beware, haha!

Fave Date Spots:

I’m pretty low maintenance, so if there’s good food and good wine and/or cocktails, I’m all over it. But creativity is fun too. I was dating someone a few months ago and we went to Whole Foods, got cheese and wine and had a picnic on the beach. Very fun.

Staple Go-To Date Outy:

I love bright colors, but I also like to keep it fairly simple. So here’s an example! PS: I’m heel-obsessed. So cliche but it’s the truth.

Most Romantic Attribute of your city:

This is an easy one. We’ve got the beach! I’d be crazy to say that that’s not one of the most romantic places, and we’ve got some of the best (Malibu especially). And I know that the beach isn’t necessarily in LA, but it’s very close (20 minutes away work for ya?) so I had to include it.

Thank you Ali from the Valley!!
Yay to another online dater 😉

And thanks for the ‘bro’ breakdown – never knew about this…
And frosted tips…soo
not my favs – lol!

Mid-week kissies,

p.s. make sure to check back every Wednesday for another episode of my “Single in My City” Series!


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16 Comments on “"Single in My City": In the Valley with Ali!”

  1. I love this series! Also, lol @ the bro's. I too cannot stand them! If you're wearing an Affliction/Ed Hardy t-shirt and play beer pong every single weekend you are a douchebag. Srsly.

  2. Love it! Go Ali! And I totally have to agree about the LA guys! So over them…good luck with the online dating btw! I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that! 🙂

  3. …I feel stupid that I don't thin, but where is "the valley"?! AND-Is that where the house party was at in 'Clueless'?!

    Also- This may not help anyone, but I have a pick up location that may benefit someone-might not-but I'll put it out there either way.
    I met my boyfriend while working at a summer camp for kids at a science museum here. You'd think that the place is all kids and there wouldn't be many adults to spend time with, but there were counselors at mine-as well as teachers for the little classes they offered–and MANY of them were guys. Not lame ones- GOOD ones! The place was a jackpot for someone looking for a guy who was genuine. I know FOUR gals that worked with me that summer who found themselves a wonderful guy -and one of them is marrying her guy soon.
    ANywho- I hope that if someone tries the museum thing and it goes wrong- they don't hate me. That would suck-but I think it's good for me and everyone else to share what we know-even if it doesn't work out the same way it did for me in that particular museum….:)

  4. I have to say that I look forward to SIMC every week! lol. They're so much fun, and it's comforting to know that my friends and I are not alone. It's universal, lol.

    Guys with no sense of humor and no motivation are definitely at the top of my "uh uh no can do" list.

    "They’ve gotten smart though, and can be found disguised as a nice guy. Ladies beware…"

    "I find myself constantly frustrated after nights out – whether they be in bars, clubs, etc. – because the way I see it, your odds of finding a genuinely good guy are kinda slim." I've had pretty much the same experience, and I've reached a point where I don't think clubs and bars are good places to even take guys seriously. They come out to those places with certain intentions (for the most part). To get drunk and get girls. Guys at the club and bars are pretty much entertainment for the present moment and not much else.

    Different scenarios where you can actually get to know a guy may yield different results (i.e. if you like to read, you already know you have at least one thing in common with guys you meet in the bookstore).

    I think I've said enough…lol

  5. I dooo love this series too. And online dating is not bad. With all this technology you do half the dating through a computer, ANYWAYS!!!

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