Fierce or Funny Friday & Bday Giveaway Suggestions!

Oct 15th 2009 29 Comments

I HEART Kim Kardashian.

I heart her face, her hair, her outfits, her personal stylist Monica Rose (who is gorg herself!)..I even loved Kim as a blonde!

This is Kim’s Barbie Photoshoot in KURV Magazine shot by Tony Duran. Some of the outy’s are FIERCE, but…where is the Barbie pink?

Thoughts please – FIERCE or FUNNY?

Happy weekend kissies,


YAY x 100!!!

In celebration of my birthday (btw, Midtown Pups bday is Tuesday) I will be doing a giveaway!

BUT….I Need Your Input.

Please tell me what you dahlings would prefer:

  1. Make Up Bundle from Sephora (for both Work & Play looks)
  2. Hair Product Bundle from Sephora (Fekkai or Blandi)
  3. Gift Certificate from F21.
(If a GUY is the winner, then I will choose a Men’s cologne, so make sure you guys participate ok!)

Please use the MG Birthday Giveaway Widget on the upper right corner to cast your vote (poll closes this Sunday)!! XOXO

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29 Comments to “Fierce or Funny Friday & Bday Giveaway Suggestions!”

  1. Dream Sequins says:

    Holy cow! Happy birthday in advance, lady!!! Also: I enjoyed that editorial– more than I thought I would!

  2. Diana says:

    It's YOUR birthday and you are giving us a gift??

    I don't like KK, but I do like her body!

  3. Vanilla says:

    what?its ur bday and u are the one giving us gift?lol
    omg i love that kim cover,so pretty !she can be both fierce n sexy
    sephora makeups forsure.bahahahhaha

  4. Pen Pen says:

    I LIKE IT!!! She's like a dominatrix Barbie!! I'd totally buy THAT Barbie! Hotness! And- I freaking LOVE her as a blonde!

    I saw Sephora MAKEUP!!! Ah, I love Sephora! It's like girl heaven!! 🙂

    AND- SATURDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! CRAZINESS!! My sis and best friend were TODAY, then my Sat, and YOU MONDAY! We're all 2 days apart! Libras are the BESTEST!!!
    I'll come back on Monday and tell u again!! 🙂

  5. Tiffany says:

    oh, i love this! she looks fab. love the whole shoot, so glam.


  6. Kristin says:

    She is so freaking stunning, it's sick. Happy early bday! I would vote make up bundle. : )

  7. Elizabeth Marie says:

    I love Kim too!!! She's FAB! Just like you! AWWWW mama it's almost your bday yayayay!!!!!

  8. Stéphanie says:

    Happy birthday in advance my dear !

  9. The Peach Tart says:

    Kim is smoking it. Happy Birthday.

  10. Little Ms Blogger says:

    Happy early birthday — hope you have fun plans this weekend.

    Please tell me there is cake or a cupcake from Magnolia bakery involved.


  11. 39th and Broadway says:

    I love Kim too, she's beautiful either way though I prefer brunette.
    Definitely do a Sephora give away!

    Happy early Birthday!!!

  12. parkaveprincess says:

    How exciting! Happy almost birthday! #2 sounds fun.

  13. Hanako66 says:

    yay for your pre-birthday weekend!!!!!

    I think she looks really pretty….but if I look really quickly, kind of like beyonce no?

  14. jeannie says:

    Happy early birthday! What hot pics!!!

  15. beckyxoxo says:

    kim is gorgeous . i sometimes watch her reality show . haha . oh and yay for your upcoming birthday ! i will definitely pick for f21 voucher ! because i rarely use make-up x)

  16. otin says:

    Happy Birthday! None of those Hollywood reality girls can hold a candle to you!

    I *Heart* MG! (smiles)

  17. WendyB says:

    Cracks me up — a whole career launched by being Paris Hilton's "friend" for a hot second. She is a beautiful girl though.

  18. .:*aMbAr*:. says:

    Hi, I'm a newbie here. Love it already!!!

    Kim looks great in those pics, but I prefer her as a brunette.

    Happy Bday

  19. ♥lydia_isabelle♥ says:

    I LOVE KIM KARDASHIAN too!! 🙂 happy birthday!!

  20. kelly says:


    i say sephora is always goood. and ummmm

    i dunno about KK. i like her more with her natural beautiful dark hair….the blonde is a little tooo much j.lo lookings mmhmmm

  21. SAUCY | eff. | BABY says:

    Happy Early Birthday!!

    I think that winning a makeup bundle from Sephora would be AMAZING!

    Hope you enjoy your bday!



  22. Ashley says:

    Happy Birthday Monday! I voted for F21 gift certificate, but it seems pretty close in the polls still! 🙂


  23. Keith says:

    Happy Early Birthday. I hope you have an incredible birthday. Take care. Cheers!

  24. Tanille says:

    Hey I love this editorial midtown girl. Kim Dash is cool. Looking forward to many more fun, editorial treats…this blogs got chops!!


  25. Tanille says:

    One more thing…I like the profile on the singles in different cities…telling you this blog is chock full of great stuff. i'll be back for another hit soon:)

  26. Good Gals Inc says:

    Have an incredible birthday!!!! I love the KK photo shoot!! She looks amazing. I vote for the F21!! You're fabulous!

  27. Nubiasnonsense says:

    Kim is gorgeous but the pink is missing =(

    OMG happy early b day!!

  28. Eyeliah says:

    She IS gorgeous as a blonde!

  29. Paula Lobos says:

    I hadn´t seen Kim as a blond! She looks awesome! Love thet pic where she looks like Barbarella! So cool… 🙂

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