Apartment Decor: “La Maison Du Midtown”

Written by on Sunday, August 16th, 2009 with 21 comments

Speaking of apartments…let’s talk Apartment Therapy!

I love, love this site as I am an immense lover of home decor & home fashions. Found this and just had to post pics!

Let’s deem this piece part of my:

“La Maison Du Midtown”

“Téo Jasmin was founded by Angéline Bailly, a freelance designer, who was in search of better wall decoration. The Paris-based company now produces a large selection of stylish images digitally printed on armchairs, Louis XV chairs, sofas, Bergères, cushion covers, or canvas prints.”

Some other pieces from the design collab:

How fab are these pillows!?!

(all images from apartmenttherapy.com)

Thoughts – likey or eh?


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21 Comments on “Apartment Decor: “La Maison Du Midtown””

  1. I love Serendipity, I always laugh because i feel no matter what time I go there's always such a wait. Frozen Hot Chocolate = <3

    The first chair is great and the last is my favorite I love the Beatles! You should freelance interior design.

  2. I love the top chair and the last one with The Beatles pillows. I just saw Paul McCartney here in Atlanta on Saturday.

  3. these are insanely creative!!! i don't think i could live amongst them, but they are very unique. the pillows might be the most practical items, but of course i want them to feature heavy metal or hard rock gods. HA. that'll be the day! 🙂

  4. This is something that, had you simply described it I would have thought something like "Why would anyone want that?". Seeing pictures makes me realize that I want it.

  5. I'm DIGGING that first chair! Can you figure out a way for me to buy a vacation pad in NYC that I can put it in? Thanks.

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