Crazy but True…Parting with Ex-Bling :-)

Written by on Sunday, July 26th, 2009 with 15 comments

Where was this 3 years ago when I broke up with my EX-EX?!? “Sell broken engagement rings, diamond wedding rings and other fine jewelry at Out of Your Life.

There are zillions of reasons why you’re better off without him. And one major reason you’ll be better off without his bling: all the jewelry he gave you is worth money!

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need to sell my diamond engagement ring?” When relationships end, engagement rings, earrings, pendants, watches or tennis bracelets suddenly lose their sentimental value.

No demands, no sweet talk – just money. Request your free Break-Up Box and get him Out of Your Life today!
Ok, so EX-EX & I were never engaged, but he def gave me a bunch of pretty little things…in fact…

Where are they now?

I searched my apt for the gifts EX-EX had give me years ago and I cannot find them.

I know I would never throw them out. Ever. I could never be that hasty.

So where the heck is all the the Exbling???

Please tell me I did not give them back to that cheater, especially now that ‘Out of Your Life‘ is at my disposal?

NO WAY. Did I…?

confused kissies,

15 Comments on “Crazy but True…Parting with Ex-Bling :-)”

  1. oh no…I hope you didn't!

    my friend was dumped like a month before the wedding…he had to pay for the wedding and she sold her ring and put a hefty down on a bmw! lol

  2. For shame! When i got divorced I sold all of my old jewelry and took a nice trip to Newfoundland with my sister. She got drunk in a little bar in Deer lake and started a fight. I think that was the last time I was punched by a stranger 🙂

  3. Um…laughing but you know why.

    ANWAYS, I hope you didn't too! I was engaged and I gave it back-should have hawked it and got some Loubs. Hahaha jk jk jk!!!!

    Love you pretty lady!

  4. My aunt had her engagement ring from her second husband reset as a necklace and it's absolutely beautiful. I also have to admit that I recently sold back a bracelet my ex gave to me a few years back. It was worth every penny.

  5. Give it back?! Nevvver lol. A gift is a gift, you can't give it back regardless. Hope you had a wonderful weekend dear 🙂

  6. Stuff like that does tend to disappear, I hate it! Keep looking, it will turn up.

    Oh, and my friend took some of her old jewelry to one of those places that buys gold and walked out with $1000 cash. So yeah, it is worth some $$!!!

  7. It's a good deal! And I hope you did not give them back to him!! If you did not, I hope you find them 🙂

  8. So this may be shocking but I've been engaged twice… the first time I broke it off, and I gave the ring back. The second time, he did it and broke my heart too so I made him pay me for the ring when I returned it and he felt so guilty he gave me a couple grand!!


  9. oh shit!!! i hope you find it!!! and the break up bling is just a fact of life. SADLY i have had many a break up AND ZERO BLING. how pathetic! where by my diamonds?!?!?! hahahahah. 😉

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