Crazy but True…and Guys Thought CHICKS Had Issues? Sheesh!

Written by on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 with 12 comments
I wonder how many Ex-GF’s mentally & emotionally f*’d this guy up, in order for him to think like thisDAMN!


Wow & wow. Seriously?

still shocked,

12 Comments on “Crazy but True…and Guys Thought CHICKS Had Issues? Sheesh!”

  1. It seems that to a man, any woman who does not show interest in him is deemed a whore or a bitch or a slut, I can see that he will have a long and satisfying relationship!

  2. We're not all whores. Some us are lesbians! There is the lesbian whore, but she exists primarily in fantasies and fiction, and she's secretly straight.
    Still, this dude clearly has issues. I wonder if he was less fucked up by women, including his mother, and more his male-centric expectations of what women are supposed to be? Bet that's what his shrink said, before he quit therapy and started a blog instead.

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