Crazy but True – Is there a Strippa in the Hizzouse?

May 27th 2009 1 Comment

I just HAD to post about this after watching Real Housewives of New Jersey last night

For some reason, the editing on the show is off, maybe purposely, but it’s confusing. Every time I watch the preview for that following week’s show, it ‘s not actually what ends up being shown…right? Not cool Bravo. Anywayz –

Last night we got a glimpse of a tell-all book that had something to do with ‘Danielle‘. Well, being a follower of Defamer on Twitter, they had a link for a trashtastically awesome breakdown of “Danielle” & her ‘REAL’ deal that is – as an EX-COKEWHORE STRIPPER! A pure hoe-fest & I’m obsessed!! LOL!

Read all about the train wreck that I am sure we’ll see on future episodes HERE

Have an enlightened day, dahlings – LOL

p.s. so DB finally texted back today and we made ‘tentative‘ plans for this wknd. not sure if they will actually pan out..but wont find out until then…sheesh.


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One Comment to “Crazy but True – Is there a Strippa in the Hizzouse?”

  1. otin says:

    Ex CokeWhore sripper LMAO!!

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